Tips & Tricks

I. Will these Tags somehow violate Security?

A. The Metal Tags do not allow you to carry any prohibited items.

See the list at

http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/prohibited/permitted-prohibited-items.shtm .

B. The purpose of the Metal Bag Tags is to identify your bags as belonging to Airline Flight CREW, even when mixed with employee and passenger bags.

C. You must wear your uniform and have your ID to get through Security.

D. Security always clear every bag in the machine, whether it is yours or any one else‘s, either visually or by calling a bag search.

E. Metal Bag Tags do not exclude you from a bag check.

F. A Metal bag Tag is no more intrusive than a belt buckle.

II. What will the Metal Bag Tags do for me?

A. The purpose of the Metal Bag Tag is to identify your bags as belonging to Airline Flight CREW, even when mixed among employee and passenger bags

B. Identifying your bags to the Operator helps the Operator not confuse your bags with passenger bags

C. Cloth or plastic CREW tags on the outside of your bags, are not visible to the machine operator. Metal CREW Bag Tags work best inside your bags, but will work outside of your bag in the machine, also.

III. How do the Metal Bag Tags work?

A. The Metal Bag Tags take advantage of well known X-ray properties.       X-rays reflect off dense objects. For example, X-rays reflect off bone differently than from soft tissue and will help determine the area of a break in a bone, but not the cut in the skin.

B. The Metal Bag Tags will help the Operator delineate your bags from employee or passenger bags to the operator.

C. The paint on a Metal Bag Tag has no effect on its performance.

IV. I have a Metal Bag Tag, and it does not seem to work?

A. You may not have a Metal Bag Tag in each of your bags, so the operator can not determine which specific bag is yours.

B. Your Metal Bag Tag must be kept in an uncluttered pocket, separate from any dense material such as coins, keys, or electronic equipment.

C. Your Metal Bag Tag must lay flat in your bag to the machine belt. If the metal tag is standing on edge, it will not display properly.

D. If your Metal Bag Tag is on the bottom of your bag it is probably mixed among all the property that falls there naturally during transport, and will not be effective. You should check the Metal Bag Tag placement monthly.

E. Do not simply toss your Metal Bag Tag into a bag, you must place them carefully in the bag pocket to get the full effect.

F. Actually, the Metal Bag Tag should get you to work with less delay and confusion, if used properly.

V. Who is using Metal Bag Tags?

A. Each of the Metal Bag Tags are in use by many Airline Flight CREW all over the country and they have been tested successfully all over the world.

B. Security is using their own version in many airports across the country.

VI. Do’s and Don’ts

A. Do not store your Metal Bag Tag in the refrigerator. The condensation may cause it to rust. Each metal bag tag is coated with corrosion resistant paint.

B. Do not remove the Metal Bag Tag from the vinyl envelope. The sharp edges may damage your belongings in the bag without the envelope. The envelope also helps keep the Metal Bag Tag separate from other objects in your bag,  preventing the Tag from being effective.

C. Do not use the metal Bag Tag as a bookmark.

D. Do not use the metal Bag Tag on a key ring.

E. Each metal Bag Tag envelope has a grommet to attach a lanyard and secure inside your bag, or outside your bag if you wish.